About Us

One Fat Sheep is a digital solutions agency with offices in Australia and New Zealand. We specialise in digital strategy. One Fat Sheep take a highly innovative approach to solving digital problems and work with clients to help define, develop and execute a strategy for their brand and create a digital culture.

Our skills lie in our ability to mix strategy, creativity and technology.

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the technological curve and are pioneers in augmented reality development.

Established in 2009, One Fat Sheep was born out of a need to challenge conventional thinking and represents a cultural revolution that embraces collaboration, co-creation, creativity and recognition. We want to keep our clients ahead of the technological curve and leverage our proven experience in creating digital strategy and culture to ensure our clients benefit from improved business efficiencies, increased traffic and conversions, and reduced operational costs. At One Fat Sheep, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions that are always transparent, on time and to budget.

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Rupert Deans


One Fat Sheep is spearheaded by Rupert Deans. Rupert is passionate about creating effective solutions, loves the big ideas and desires to see each of his clients at the top of their game. Rupert has spent the last nine years developing new business ventures in New Zealand and Australia and continually innovates in new areas to harness the potential of next generation technologies and create new digital business models that provide richer online experiences and real return on investment.

Rupert’s broad industry experience coupled with his specialist qualifications in New Venture Planning ensures that he has a strong understanding of all things digital and valuable experience in dealing with the different operations and requirements for each unique business model or project. Rupert is not shy to tell the truth, will not accept second best and will always think outside the square.

Rupert pushes the digital boundaries in terms of what’s possible and loves to see his clients at the top of their game

Specialties: Business Development, Branding, Digital marketing, Digital Strategy, Technology Strategy, Content Strategy, Promotional Strategy, Creative Strategy, Brand Strategy


Sebastian Deans

Managing Director New Zealand

A digital reality specialist with over 11 years experience enhancing the end user's life with digital solutions that have real world effect.

A big part of his approach is that there is never a final outcome, and by continuously using data, insights and earned knowledge in the market he can create an outcome that provides his clients' end users with tangible value and therefore meets his clients' objectives. 

Bazz is hugely passionate about all aspects of digital reality, especially it’s ongoing and contiuously improving impact on the world we live in.

Bazz understands what it takes to deliver digital reality excellence and prides himself on creating effective solutions for clients

Specialties: Digital Reality consultation, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications, 360 degree Video production, Design Thinking applied to Digital reality solutions, Brand Strategy and Evolution, Digital Strategy, Technological Strategy, Content Strategy, Digital communications, Social Media, and Digital Production